Fulbright Project Proposal Template, Guide

It is desired, that you already know what your research field (or even problem) is going to be during your research visit. If possible, you should write this with your home or foreign adviser, so it matches your desired PhD thesis proposal. Since there are a lot of different instructions available on the Web, I put together a mind map that presents the most important facts you should list.

Fulbright Project Proposal Template

To summarize the most important points:

  1. It’s best to already have a research contact, the adviser that is prepared to host you at a University in the USA. Write the project proposal together with him or/and your local research adviser.
  2. At the beginning, make a clear statement on what exactly you are going to do. Also, a declare a feasible timeline for the research.
  3. The reviewer should be convinced that your research is important, you are the best person to conduct it and that your visit to the USA is essential.
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  1. Kamal says:

    It would have been much help to us if you would have provided us your personal statement letter, project proposal etc.

  2. Alex Manas says:

    I want to do Masters in Early Childhood English teaching – any way i can find the sponshorship- this program is important especially for a country like Papua New Guinea.

    The country needs to teach foundation langauge to make verey child to read in English.


  3. I really appreciated to the wonderfull job you have done on this messages! May God continue bless you and your family. and give you more time to live. I’m BERE EVARISTE.

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