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Fulbright Application Steps

Ok. You’ve decided to dedicate your time and effort to prepare an application. You are fluent in English, have strong academic references, personal qualities, and desire to experience something new. Now it’s time to get busy! At this point you should read the application instructions on the web page of the US Embassy closest to you.

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Fulbright Project Proposal Template, Guide

It is desired, that you already know what your research field (or even problem) is going to be during your research visit. If possible, you should write this with your home or foreign adviser, so it matches your desired PhD thesis proposal. Since there are a lot of different instructions available on the Web, I put together a mind map that presents the most important facts you should list.

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Fulbright Interview Experience, Questions, and Answers

Yes! If you made it this far, you presented yourself well in your application. You made the IIE people curious, and they want to meet you in person. Just like for the application, there is also a lot you can do to prepare for the interview. A lot of “highly conceptual” stuff has already been written elsewhere about this topic, so I’ll just share my experience. It is always a good anecdote when I explain people about how my interview went.

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