Fulbright Scholar from Slovenia to Boston

In 2008 I was unsuccessfully looking for a site with information about the whole application and selection process. There are many official sites and Fulbright applicants’ blogs, but I felt a niche for a more organized, holistic how-to. Here I share the information and experiences I gathered during the application, selection process, and during the Fulbright year as well.

The data listed here is most accurate for the application to Fulbright Student grants in any field of study for foreign students to conduct research in the USA. I am not familiar with application to other Fulbright grants/awards. If anyone would like to share any information about that process, I will be glad to add it to this guide. Some sections of the guide will also be useful for application to other scholarships, grants etc, as they are generic hints that apply widely.

Talking to numerous other Fulbrighters, I can conclude that there are some significant differences between the Terms of Appointment we signed. Each country, scholarship type and institution of attendance has some specifics and you should keep that in mind. There are surely even some difference that apply to the specific case of a grantee! As there should be few difference in the application process, the “after being accepted” part of this guide is specific for: Fulbright visiting researcher from Slovenia @ Northeastern University, Massachusetts!

Fulbright grant recipients sharing their experiences through print or web-based media should acknowledge that the views and information presented are their own and do not represent the Fulbright Program nor the U.S. Department of State.


  1. Mohamed Saleh

    Dear PhDfriends,

    I found your website extremely helpful and would like to thank you for sharing your experience

    Do you have any idea how much is the stipend for winners of “Fulbright Foreign Student Program”? If not an exact number, do you know the range? What about stipend for students in New York City?

    Hear from you soon and sorry for the many questions


  2. arash bahram i

    im iranian with MBA from india banglore it field i wish u advice me how to get my scholership …thanx

  3. Noor muhammad

    Iā€™m looking for a phd scholarship position in the USA in biotechnology course. How can i apply ….

  4. Talha Omer

    Hello phdfriend,

    Hope this email finds you well. I couldn’t find your contact on your website so I decided to post here. Maybe you can reply on my email šŸ™‚

    I am the Founder at Brightlink Prep (http://www.brightlinkprep.com/) – a test prep blog for GRE and Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan. As you know Pakistan has the largest Fulbright quota in the world and there are many people in Pakistan who are unaware of this opportunity. We have a over 45,000 avid Facebook followers and 60,000 unique page views per month on our website.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in writing content for our website given your expertise in Fulbright. And may be you and your users can benefit from our expertise and we can also write on specific topics for your blog.

    Looking forward to speaking with you guys. Hoping to receive a positive response from your side.



  5. adeel khalid

    i am writing this email in apropos to Fulbright scholarship as your timely response and guidance is needed. i graduated my masters degree in Literature from Forman Christian College, and now i am a research scholar at Beaconhouse National university, Lahore and pursing my M Phil in TESL (teaching English as second language). this is my third semester and this degree would likely to complete in March/April 2015. so if i apply for Fulbright scholarship this cycle 2015 then i should apply for PhD or Masters studies in application form.
    secondly i want to inquire regarding GRE subject test; though i graduated in Literature but now i am pursuing Language. so i would rather be considered appropriate for GRE General or Subject test?
    i would appreciate, if you address my concern and guide my appropriately and accordingly

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