Fulbright TOEFL Examination Guide

During the English test of TOEFL Guide

  • Make extensive notes during the SPEAKING and LISTENING sections. A lot of the answers are already given in the conversations.
  • As there are other people (<5) in the same room taking the test, and everybody is speaking (you have to record your answers in SPEAKING section with a microphone), it can get a bit confusing. Bring earplugs and maximize the volume of your headphones.
  • READING: don’t read the whole text in advance! The questions are organized to follow the paragraphs. You can answer them together with reading the text – so begin to answer the question as you read, because there is a time limit.
  • There is one 10 min break between two of the sections. Bring something to eat and drink as food/water are not allowed in the computer room.

Bookshelves in a Library

Before the English test of TOEFL

  • The price is $155, you have to register at ETS
  • You cannot drastically improve your knowledge of English language in a short time. Just to dip your fingers into the TOEFL exam, try: Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROMTOEFL & TOEIC Books) (it’s almost the same interface as the real exam).

What waits for you after you get to the USA: TODOs After Arival to the USA

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  1. Nokuthula Wathi says:

    Dear PHd friend
    Thank you so much for the information. I am a South African on the 3rd stage of the Fulbright process. I will be writing the tests both TOEFL and GRE pretty soon. M so nervous sometimes jst feel the whole process z pretty hectic. Please advise on how to stay calm at this point?

  2. ravikant says:

    sir i am from India i want to know which exam i taken to get Fulbright scolership

  3. sumeetha says:

    I am planning to apply for fullbright doctrol fellowships.incase iam selected, can i take my kid along with me?

  4. Skolar82 says:

    Can someone send the application and take the toefl at a later date?
    Also tell about GRE

  5. belenchica says:

    Hello! I am preparing the IBT TOEFL but I would like to know how much grade I need to get a Fulbright grant. Thank you.

    • PhDfriend says:

      As far as I can remember, it was around 90 (Internet-based test). Check with your local Embassy.

  6. Timur says:

    Hello! I’m Timur and I’m from Uzbekistan.i would like to inquire a question. Are fullbright and toefl different exams,i mean ,must a valunteer take two different exams to make MsD IN THE USA? Thanx beforhand

    • PhDfriend says:

      Dear Timur, Fulbright is not an exam, it is a scholarship you apply for. TOEFL, on the other hand, is a test of your English language skills.

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