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Fulbright Enrichment Seminar

Sometime in December, you will receive an email declaring the dates of the spring enrichment seminars. Unfortunately, this is the only info you are given, and thus cannot decide the city you want to attend it in. The results were sent out in the first days of January. I was chosen as an attendee at the New York City Enrichment Seminar.

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Fulbright J1 Visa Information and Fulbright Waiver

When you or your adviser are filling out the forms and arranging the paperwork for your visit, be careful about the Fulbright J-1 visa. My DS-2019 lists “student non-degree” under the “Exchange Visitor Category”, which caused some trouble at my host University. This fact led to quite a confusion, since for me to stay in USA with this status, my host institution had to enlist me as a student.

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Fulbright Forms, Documents After Becoming a Fulbright Fellow

After being accepted, there are multiple documents and forms you will have to take care of before actually starting your Fulbright year.

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Advice on Letters of Recommendation

In the online application there is a special item in the menu, where you can add your Fulbright references. Three letters of recommendation are required. Even though it seems that this is the part of your application you can influence the least, I ensure you, it’s not! It is not only who you ask to be your recommender, but also how you approach and what you ask them to do, that counts.

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Fulbright Interview Experience, Questions, and Answers

Yes! If you made it this far, you presented yourself well in your application. You made the IIE people curious, and they want to meet you in person. Just like for the application, there is also a lot you can do to prepare for the interview. A lot of “highly conceptual” stuff has already been written elsewhere about this topic, so I’ll just share my experience. It is always a good anecdote when I explain people about how my interview went.

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